Letters and Addresses George Washington

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Washington's Addresses to the Churches. - Washington's addresses to the American churches, in reply to their congratulations upon his election to the Presidency, constitute one of the most interesting divisions of his writings, and illustrate one of the noblest and most salutary features of his life and influence. The governors and legislatures of many of the States, the mayors and aldermen of leading cities, the presidents and trustees of colleges, and the representatives of organizations of various character sent formal addresses to him, expressing their satisfaction in his inaugur. The writings of George Washington: being his correspondence, addresses, messages, and other papers, official and private. by Washington, George, ; G.W. Boynton & Co. egr; American Stationers' Company (Boston, Ma.)  v. 1. Life of Washington -- v. 2. pt. I. Official letters relating to the French war, and private letters before the American revolution: March, May, -- v. pt. II.  Private letters from the time Washington resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the Army to that of his inauguration as president of the United States: December, April, -- v. pt. IV. Letters official and private, from the beginning of his presidency to the end of his life: (v. 10) May, November, (v. 11) November, December, -- v. pt. George Washington's Farewell Address is a letter written by the first American President, George Washington, to "The People of the United States of America". Washington wrote the letter near the end of his second term as President, before his retirement to his home Mount Vernon. Originally published in Daved Claypole's American Daily Advertiser on September 19, , under the title "The Address of General Washington To The People of The United States on his declining of the Presidency of the United States," the letter was almost immediately reprinted in newspaper. For two centuries, George Washington has stood “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen,” universally acknowledged as the one indispensable founder of the American republic. This Library of America volume—the most extensive and authoritative one-volume collection ever published—covers five decades of Washington’s astonishingly active life and brings together over letters, orders, addresses, and other writings.  An extensive selection of letters, orders, and addresses from the Revolutionary War make manifest Washington’s determined leadership of the Continental Army through the years of defeat and deprivation. Since George Washington was a very meticulous and self-disciplined man, many of his letters are still preserved today due to measures that he took both before his death and after his death. Also, George Washington was a man full of ambition.  The care with which George Washington handled his collection of correspondence was illustrated during the American War for Independence. While instructing his cousin Lund Washington in the overseeing of Mount Vernon while General Washington was away at war, George was reported to have requested that Lund ensure the safety of George's wife Martha Washington as well as the general's collection of letters. – Letter to George Washington Parke Custis (7 January ). I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world It is infinitely better to have a few good men than many indifferent ones. – Letter to James McHenry (10 August ).  Washington’s Farewell Address (17 September ). Every day the increasing weight of years admonishes me more and more, that the shade of retirement is as necessary to me as it will be welcome. Satisfied, that, if any circumstances have given peculiar value to my services, they were temporary, I have the consolation to believe, that, while choice and prudence invite me to quit the political scene, patriotism does not forbid it. One of only three surviving letters between George Washington and his wife Martha. The letter is a brief but achingly beautiful missive penned during the Revolutionary War.  George Washington Farmer, Soldier, Statesman and Husband. Discover what made Washington "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen". Preservation. Preservation Did you Know? The Mount Vernon Ladies Association has been maintaining the Mount Vernon Estate since they acquired it from the Washington family in Collections Archaeology Architecture Mount Vernon Ladies' Association Restoration Projects Preserving the View Maps Blog. Education. George Washington's greatest pleasure was his life as a planter at his Mount Vernon estate. In addition, George Washington was a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, and received from the latter the appointment as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.  Washington responded with an address to the officers, in which he cautioned them on both practical and moral grounds against such action, stating: While I give you these assurances, and pledge myself in the most unequivocal manner to exert whatever ability I am possessed of in your favor, let me entreat you, gentlemen, on your part, not to take any measures which, viewed in the calm light of reason, will lessen the dignity and sully the glory you have hitherto maintained. Джордж Вашингтон - ПРОЩАЛЬНОЕ ПОСЛАНИЕ. Свое прощальное послание к нации Джордж Вашингтон решил опубликовать, когда в общественном сознании еще была жива надежда на то, что президент будет баллотироваться на новый, третий срок. Конституционных положений, ограничивающих срок президентства, тогда не существовало, и Вашингтон мог оставаться главой американского государства на протяжении еще многих лет. Но летний президент не проявлял желания продлить свое пребывание на посту, да и состояние здоровья не позволяло ему этого. George Washington and his Letter to the Jews of Newport. The original of Washington’s Letter to the Hebrew Congregations of Newport, Rhode Island is small in size, but its impact on American life is immense.  Each letter stressed the principle of religious liberty and, as in his address to the annual meeting of the Quakers, pledged that the new country would preserve the right to worship “each according to his conscious and to his God.” American Jewish congregations were also eager to send greetings to the new President. Letters concerning George Washington's public life reveal his sentiments on being called to lead the Continental Army and the presidency. Also included are his observations on state adoptions of the Constitution, the Jay Treaty, and European intervention. Reports from estate managers include all aspects of farming, as well as the operation of the mill and distillery, and physical improvements made to Mount Vernon. A few letters to George Washington are from officers describing army morale, lack of supplies, and need for new recruits in the Continental Army. Letters from friends include re. Books by George Washington, Farewell address, The writings of George Washington, Will of General George Washington, Official letters to the Honourable American Congress, George Washington, George Washington, The journal of Major George.